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We are delighted to welcome all dancers to join us at RSCDS Herts and Borders Branch.


Click here to open the Online Membership form or email us for a printable version. 

If you are already an RSCDS member you can join us as a second branch member.

All dancers are invited to keep up with events by joining our  free email list. Please contact us

The benefits of joining RSCDS Herts and Borders include:

  • Being in the heart of local dancing
    We will work hard for you to arrange our own dances and events, provide workshops and tell you of the dancing opportunities in the local area.

  • Providing for the future of Scottish country dancing
    Your subscriptions will support the Society’s continuing effort to provide teaching and dancing enjoyment now and for the future.

  • Members’ preferential rates for our events
    You will have the advantage of member rates for our dances and events and discount on RSCDS events such as Winter and Summer School. The newsletters and Scottish Country Dancer magazine will keep you up to date.


Our branch is the first formed in the UK in over 30 years. To celebrate we will send a Founder Member Certificate to members joining in our first year.

Our membership fees from July 1st are shown below.  


Herts and Borders

Adult single

Joint adult

Young adult (18-24)

Youth (12-17)

Main Branch

      £ 30

      £ 48

      £ 24

      £ 14.50

Additional Branch

          £ 5

          £ 8

          £ 4

          £ 2

First Branch membership includes RSCDS and Branch subscriptions.

To see our Membership Policy, click here.

Why not take a tour of the RSCDS? There is so much more to see.

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