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  Dance groups and dances in Herts and Borders

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Just look at all this Scottish country dancing!

We are very fortunate to be located amidst an area of over fifteen thriving Scottish Country Dance groups. Happily, there are classes and social opportunities to dance Scottish somewhere in Herts and Borders each week-night and some afternoons.

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A welcome for all dancers

Herts and Borders Branch and the local clubs and groups welcome beginners and returning dancers of all abilities. You can check the locations and see the contact details for the many dance groups shown below.

Thinking about learning to Dance Scottish? 

You don’t need to bring a partner or any equipment, soft dance shoes are preferable but trainers or other soft shoes are suitable to get started. There is no specific dress code, just wear whatever you feel comfortable with.

Why not come and give it a try?

Already a dancer? 

We aim to encourage dancers from groups and clubs within our area to visit a neighbouring group, meet new friends and support each other’s events.

Dancing days

   Dancing across Herts and Borders

Dance groups A to Z      Click on the dance group name to READ MORE

Berkhamsted Strathspey and Reel Club

Bishop's Stortford Caledonian Society

Cashell School of Scottish Dance

Epping Forest Scottish Association

Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts SCDC

Harpenden Scottish Country Dancing Club

Harrow & District Caledonian Society

Hertsmere and Tally Ho Reel Club

High Wych Scottish Dancing Club

Letchworth and District St Andrew's Society

Lucy Clark Scottish Country Dance Club

New Strathspey School of Dancing

South East Herts Scottish Country Dance Society

Southdown Scottish Country Dance Club

St Albans Caledonian Dancers

Watford and West Herts Scottish Society

Welwyn Garden City and District SCDC

A - Z
Location map

Location of dance groups   Click for links to READ MORE and directions

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