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We have lots of dancing opportunities in Herts and Borders but if you have itchy feet and you want to travel to dance nearby or far away there are many dancing opportunities in the wider world. 

Near  ...  and  ...  Far

SE Dance Diary by RSCDS London

SE Classes Listing by RSCDS London

RSCDS London

RSCDS Cambridge

RSCDS Milton Keynes

RSCDS Oxfordshire

serTA your local association of dance teachers

has a good listing of dayschools and workshops


RSCDS events Winter School, Summer School etc


JockJigging diary events to the west

Carswellian diary events in the southwest

Peterborough diary events to the north

Scottish dance diary events north of the border


Festivals and workshops 

International Branch events

Global dance listings UK and worldwide

RSCDS Branch Finder for when you travel

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