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Dance calendar
round and about Herts and Borders
updated  11 February 2024
Before travelling to a dance please check the details with the dance organiser.
The dance calendar covers dances / day schools etc round and about Herts and Borders over the next 12 months. If you notice any errors or omissions please email with details. Thanks.



Event (click button)

Music by


Sun 3 March 2024

Teacher - Alice Stainer

Sat 16 March 2024

Ian Muir (of Prestwick)

Sun 17 March 2024

Deborah Draffin / Ken Martlew

Sun 7 April 2024

Emma Stewart and others

Sat 20 April 2024

Charity Ball


Sat 27 April 2024

Recorded music

Sat 11 May 2024


Thu 30 May 2024

Chris Oxtoby

Sat 29 June 2024

Sandy Nixon, Ian & Tom Robertson

Sat 20 July 2024 

K Martlew and B Manning

Sat 7 Sept 2024

Chris Oxtoby

Sat 23 Nov 2024


Keith Smith and Anne-Laure Latour

Sat 14 Dec 2024

Ian Muir (Prestwick)

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